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Added 22 February 2018 PTSD and Sleep Useful information on improving sleep habits. Contributed by Peyton Wertz.

Added 9 Nov 08

A good overview on Vietnam for the Contemporary Traveler

Updated 10/29/08

Excellent, incredible virtual reality tours of Vietnamese locations.

Travel To Lao by Monkey Travel, offers travel packages for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

GuideVietnam was set up in 2006 to provide pertinent, useful and detailed information about Vietnam - the hidden charm destination. The main aim of the guide is to provide visitors to the area with information about things to see & do - all the necessary tools to thoroughly enjoy a stay in Vietnam.

Vietnam travel: Vietnam and Indochina travel packages from Vietnam travel agent. Personalize your Vietnam travel with VietnamTravelGroup. Book your Vietnam hotels or customize your cultural tours to Vietnam and Indochina. Enjoy interesting travel articles about this exotic travel destination.

Updated 7 Mar 06

Hotel Vietnam - Hotel Guide and Travel information in Vietnam

Vietnam Holidays - The web's most comprehensive directory of Vietnamese holiday websites and other links

Vietnam Tourism ,Vietnam Travel Guide, Vietnam Hotel.... - Asia Tourist, Vietnam tour operator, hotel reservation , Vietnam Travel guide...

Updated 5/7/05

Web based flowers and gifting service for Vietnam

Updated 6/29/04

Living In Vietnam

Vietnam Trade Investment Law. Some content is in German.

Vietnamese Dictionary site

German language Vietnam news and travel forum

Vietnam Hotel Search and other bits of interest

Updated 10/21/03

Vietnam Phone Cards at discount rates

Vietnam Open Tour and Vietnam Hotels & Resort Reservation

Institute for Vietnamese Music - Vietnamese portal offering news, gifts, information about art, literature, entertainment, business, romance , astrology and more.

Vietnamese business venture and business directory information.

Update posted 6/13/03 -JPR

Another French language site providing recent photographs of Vietnamese Historical Sites and their legends.

Update posted 9/22/02 -JPR

A French language/Vietnamese site with photographs, history, people, and events from the early 20th century and the French presence in Vietnam (Indichina).

Website to honor Colonel Ngo The Linh, a Vietnamese Special Forces Commander

The Yahoo Directory for news and media information resources - most are in Vietnamese

Updates posted 8/23/00 - JPR

-- general resources plus on-line Viet/English translator

--- a site of links-General Info

- Vietnam Magazine - resources/stories

- travel and general info site

- general Vietnamese info out of Taiwan

- good general info

-- Radio The Voice Of Vietnam Direct From Hanoi

Previous Link Updates

Vietnam Visitor Travel site - Good general tour and travel information

San Diego Vietnam Resource Center - Massive Links to all things Vietnamese


Travel Information - Hotel Guide

NPR articles on current Vietnam topics

General Information Links

General Information and Links

Tour and travel information/links

Asian Business Information

Previous Updates

Asiaco News network

Open Directory Project - Vietnam War - reference site

My Travel

Vietnam Daily Travel News

Vietnam - The American Experience - good reference site

Vietnam Travel Finder

Global Asian Online Community

Vietnam OnLine

VIETNAM FLASH - real but not so serious news about Vietnam, compiled from public sources, updated every month.

Comprehensive General Information

Vietnamese Community Information

A leading travel agency site in Vietnam

PBS site of Vietnam links in a story about Ambassador "Pete" Peterson

Vietnamese Hotel Links

ASIACO the Asian Search Engine. Wide range of information on Vietnam

Study Abroad Program of State University of NY at Brockport, NY site

Vietnamese Library Links - Wide range of information on Vietnam

VietVision.Com Site - Wide range of information on Vietnam

Travel Accomodations in Vietnam

VN Entertainment Center Network

Vietnamese community news from Santa Ana, Califormia (in Vietnamese language)

Vietnamese Sites Now On-Line

This is intended to be a growing list, so there's more to come. If you see a site of interest not listed here, please drop me a line.

Nhan Dan

Nhan Dan is the official newspaper of the Vietnam Communist Party, useful for understanding government policy, but otherwise considered boring by most Vietnamese, so I'm told.

From Hanoi, Viet Nam News

English versions are reported to be available in the future.


Information from George Moore

A not so boring newspaper seems to be "Cong An Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh", better known in English as the "Saigon Police Gazette". Copies can been seen on every table in southern Vietnam today, and in every cafe. Here is a description of the content of the paper from a recent Vietnam Insight post. Those Vietnam Insight guys do seem to have their finger on the pulse of today's Vietnam!

"The most popular newspaper in Vietnam is the Cong An Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh which is published by the police in Ho Chi Minh City. Its weekly circulation is more than 500,000 copies and newspaper vendors say it sells out almost immediately, unlike the party paper Nhan Dan which many of them choose not to sell because it brings in so little money. The Cong An newspaper is filled with lurid tales of sex and violence, of gang crimes and prostitution.

It presents a picture of Vietnam at odds with the idea of a peaceful crime free nation that used to be the official line. But it combines this sort of tabloid journalism with an emphasis on the need for more policing and tighter social control. It is often the forum of attacks against any person that is critical of the Party - it frequently attacks writers, artists and social activists for their work and is often hostile to foreigners. It often includes stories about the Overseas Vietnamese that portray them as dangerous and criminal. Its stories are often libelous and frequently violate rights of privacy.

It represents the worse of 2 worlds -- the worst of the unfettered tabloid journalism that is seen in the west and the worst sort of social and political control offered by communist countries. Its propaganda is more effective than Nhan Dan and is read by more people. This newspaper has more influence than any other in Vietnam."

Where Cambodia is concerned, readers should know that there are several English language newspapers from Cambodia online on the Internet these days.

Most importantly, the English language Phnom Penh Post is now online. See This independent newspaper has been published in Phnom Penh since early 1992, since just after the Pattaya Peace Accords in October of 1991. They've gotten their paper online just recently.

Lastly, there is a new newspaper published in Phnom Penh for the use of tourists. It's called the Bayon Pearnik. They too have just recently gotten their latest editions onto the Internet. See their page on

Additional Information Sources

Saigon USA On-Line

Free Vietnam Alliance

Vietnam's first in-country hosted web site first opened on October 15, 1997. (Server actually in Hong Kong??)

Other Links

Excellent General Information Site for Vietnam

Good Travel Info from Travel Documents System.

Homepages on system

Good general information and photos at Destination Vietnam

From Vietnamese in the Lone Star State. This author of this well-done page is Dr. Trung T. Pham. It contains links to numerous other pages, and has an outstanding set of resources.

An Extensive Listing of Vietnam-Related Sites and Links


Vietnam Era History FTP Server

Vietnam-related Research Site

Life in a Vietnamese Gang


P. J. McGarvey's Vietnam's Warrior Heritage

Vietnamese Traditional Music

Link to the Music Site and Vietnam Village


Khanh Ha Sound Tracks - Music

Site of a young Vietnamese author - Literature.


Travel Tips and Reports

TravelSpots contains valuable travel information

Vietnamtravel - handling all ground arrangements for international tourists

More Travel Stuff


VietNam On-Line

Good General Information

Southeast Asian Archives, Univ. of Calif, Irvine

Maps and General Information

More General Information

General Info from Nam Vu

Asian Studies Page - Internet Gateway into Vietnam

Vietnam Links - a Massive Multiple Listing!!

Ask Asia

Viet-Net - Web site


NGOs in Vietnam -Non-Gov't Orgs


Vietnam Student's Home Page

Vietnamese Student Association, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Info on Vietnamese American Education Foundation projects


Vietnam's Most Experienced Enterprise Formation and Market Entry Service

Vietnam Science, Technology and Environment



Our Own Gallary on the Vietnam Veteran's Home Page.

Vietnam Pictures Archive at SunSite. An extensive collection of pictures grouped into the following categories: Scenery, Monuments, People, and Art.

More than 80 photographs taken in Vietnam between 1969 and 1970, in several categories. This is an interactive site showing the work of Kenneth Hoffman and requesting the viewers' comments.

Here's the Home Page of Neal Ulevich , Associated Press photographer in Vietnam from 1970 to 1975.

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