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Reunions, newsletters, and points-of-contact not on the "VVHP" Web Site are listed/linked below for those who served in SEA during the War years and for their families and friends.

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For Reunions listed on our Site and Events 'Coming Soon,' also check our "Marquee."

There is also a "Lost and Found" Gallery on the "VVHP" Web Site to post inquiries to find buddies served with during the Vietnam War and for family members looking for those who served with their loved ones. Please access the VVHP's "Lost and Found" if you have an inquiry about finding a certain individual or other unit members.

Vietnam-Related Newsletters and Unit publications.

Offsite Reunion Resources
Other places and contacts for checking on Reunions, etc.

Catch a shipmate by clicking on your ship type and then your hull number at:

Gil Gilstrap runs the National Reunion Registry . This registry provides over 6400 reunions for WW-II, Korean, and Vietnam era organizations. This material is provided via a link to Hal Barker's Korean War Project Home Page.

The U.S. Army has a list of Army Unit Alumni Associations on their excellent Home Page

Reunions Magazine provides a wide variety of information and services on reunions of all types. Military reunions are just one of their specialities.

Visit the Reunions Magazine Homepage to learn more about their services.

LtCol Richard (Dick) Johnson is the nation's foremost authority on locating people with military connections. For assistance searching, contact Dick at The Nationwide Locator ; PO Box 39903; San Antonio, TX 78218.

Dick Johnson can also be reached through E-mail at:

Web Site: