Blue Mountains Vietnam Veterans & Associated Forces Inc.

Postal address:

Post Office Box 55
Springwood NSW
Australia 2777

President: Jack Lake -- tel/fax: +61 02 47544771

Secretary: Keith Harrington -- tel: +61 02 47518528,
fax: +61 02 47518538


Blue Mountains Vietnam Veterans' Association was formed on Anzac Day 1985 as an autonomous, non-political organisation to foster social contact with all who have had any active service, in any service arm or civil capacity, during the period of Australian involvement in the war in Vietnam. Its successor, Blue Mountains Vietnam Veterans and Associated Forces Inc., now accepts members who have served in any post World War II theatre of war, special operations area or peacekeeping operation.

Because of the character of the association, it does not involve itself in any possible controversy on Vietnam or in any other matters relative to any military involvement. It places strong emphasis on involvement in members' welfare, their families and/or dependants, in its activities.

The association, which has members scattered throughout the States of NSW and Queensland, produces bi-monthly newsletters and conducts the largest annual parade and Memorial Service for Vietnam veterans in Australasia, at Springwood NSW, on the Sunday closest to August 18.