Vietnam Veterans Home Page Awards

The awards and citations listed below belong to the many contributors of the VietnamVeterans Home Page in recognition of their writing, photography, poetry, and other works.

Unshown, but not unnoticed, are the many messages received by members of your Home PagePlatoon from Vietnam Veterans and other viewers expressing their positive feelings,emotions, and thanks to our Veterans and others who have sent us the materials foundin the Galleries of YOUR Home Page.

Award from 1998 TopGun , 6 Jan1999, Vietnam War Conflict Category

Award from The PBR Forces Veterans Association,
2 September, 1998.

Award from Paige for our "Good Morning, Vietnam..." music Page,
26 July, 1998.

"J.C's Place" Award from John Casey,
22 February, 1998.

"Debby's Award" from Debby Peare to the VVHP creator and CO, Bill McBride,
For the "In-Country Women" Gallery in the "Remembrance" main section,
December, 1997.

The "Tenarian Voyage of the Day Honored Site" Award for Veterans Day,
11 November, 1997.

Certificate of Appreciation from Albert B. Moore, President,
Mobile Riverine Force Association,
22 October, 1997.

"Echo's Award for Excellence"
From The Men of Echo Battery, Second Battalion, Twelfth Marines, Third Marine Division.
Web Site: Stick's Place
29 September, 1997.

"Vets Helping Vets" Award from Mike & Terri Crow,,
4 July, 1997.

"Golden Anchor" Award from Mike "Andy" Anderson
Web site: Andy's Homeport
May 1997.

"Four Star" Award for Virtual Visit To Vietnam by Lukeman Interactive
12 February, 1997.

"Top Veterans Site" by Military Pages 23 January, 1997.

"Top 5% Web Site" by Point Survey 24 August, 1995.

"4-Star Site" by The McKinley Group 13 March,1996.

USA TODAY AWARD USA Today's Hot Site 30 April, 1996.

AAA Cool Site of the Day from the "Land Down Under" 19 May, 1996.

Los Angeles Times Pick for 24 May, 1996.

Cremede la Creme Award for the week of 11 June, 1996.

Currents Magazine Link of the Week and Web Reviews.
Week of 5 August, 1996.

Rossgita Hot Sight 27 October, 1996.