Vietnam Veterans In Canada (VVIC)

The VVIC is a group of Vietnam Veterans in Western Canada, made up of Canadians who fought in Vietnam and American Vets who chose to move to this area. We are entering our 13th year of operations and meet twice a month in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Our Home Page is up and running. Please visit it for more information.

Our basic goals are:

1. Support for one another, and our family members.
2. The establishment of an IN CANADA, effective outreach program with competent counselling and practical followup options available to all veterans and their families.
3. Securing appropriate recognition for those Canadians who served in the Armed Forces of the United States in Vietnam, and especially, those who died there.
4. To promote dialog, cooperation and understanding, and improve communications between other veterans groups.

We publish a quarterly newsletter which can be obtained by sending a donation to:

Vietnam Veterans in Canada
Box 193
Maple Ridge
British Columbia, Canada V2X-7G1

Check our home page for information on FIREBASE CANADA , the annual Vietnam Veteran Valhalla & Weekend Summer Festival

For more information on VVIC contact:
A.(Mac) McInnes (Firebase Rep)
Land line: 604-420-0424
Fax: 604-420-4263