Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)

This Gallery contains information about the purpose of the VVA, Chapter programs sent to us by viewers, a link to finding your State's Council and Chapter Locations, and other activities.

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The Purpose of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.

The purpose of the Corporation, its State Councils, and its Chapters is:

National Office:

Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.
8605 Cameron Street, 4th Floor
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3710

Phone: (301) 585-4000

Web Site: National VVA Home Page

To find your State Council and Chapters, access the URL above for the National VVA Home Page. Find and access the hyperlink "Locate Your Local VVA Chapter." Then, scan down for the search feature near the bottom of this Page. The direct URL should be:

The following was sent to our Site for North Carolina VVA Chapter #124:

NC VVA Chapter #124 sponsors the "The Captain John G. Gardner, USMC, Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Scholarship" to assist relatives of Western North Carolina's Viet Nam Era Veterans with the expenses of higher education.

Captain Gardner was a 26-year-old, rescue helicopter pilot who was shot down by enemy ground fire in Laos and was MIA until his remains were found in 1999 and identified in 2000. He received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Air Medal, and numerous other awards during his service. Captain Gardner's mother bequeathed funds to Local VVA Chapter #124 in honor of her son, who had not been located yet at the time of her death.

VVA #124 then decided to establish an endowment fund to provide scholarships in Captain Gardner's name. Currently the fund offers four (4) $500.00 scholarships annually to WNC students who are relatives (including children, stepchildren or grandchildren) of Viet Nam Era Veterans and (a) are 25 years or younger, (b) are high school graduates or equivalent, (c) will attend college full-time in the upcoming fall, (d) have financial need, and (e) have demonstrated academic ability.

Applications are available from VVA# 124 or from regional public high school guidance counselors. The deadline each year is March 1 or the next business day if the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday.

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