This page contains information about Vietnow, it's programs, services and activities.

Updated 13-Apr-97

Mission Statement: VietNow

Vietnow stands apart from other veterans organizations by promoting family togetherness and involvement in all activities of the organization. We have no auxillary, all members meet and serve together. We believe Vietnam veterans are best able to understand and help each other in dealing with the problems which remain from that turbulent time in our nations history. Acting on this belief gave birth to our moto:

Veterans Helping Veterans

Vietnow promotes a positive attitude toward all veterans who have served since the Vietnam era, and works to disseminate information pertainent to all veterans and their families.

Vietnow Programs- Color Guard, Parades, POW/MIA Agent Orange, Community Service, Family Assistance, Booth Set-ups, Hospital visits, Newsletter, Veterans Commission, Picnics and pot-lucks and food baskets.

Vietnow is a veterans organization for the whole family. Membership is avalible; you can contact Vietnow at:

or contact:
Glenn Portwood President
P.O. Box 25025
Decatur, Il 62525

Or at their homepage: