Wings Over Vietnam

My name is Steve Nolan, and I work for "Wingspan: Air & Space Channel." This is a soon-to-be launched cable/satellite channel dedicated to aviation. We are the creators and producers of the WINGS series on Discovery Channel, and we started our own home video label about a year ago (1997).

We have a three-tape, video set that is called "Wings Over Vietnam;" and it is a five-hour series that chronicles all of the important air missions of the Vietnam War. The tapes are entitled:

Volume 1: "The Coins -- Spookies, Spectres & Shadows"
Volume 2: "The Cavalry -- The Gunship"
Volume 3: "The Jolly Greens -- The Wild Weasels"

Throughout the Vietnam War, the United States was forced to develop a vast array of new air tactics and technology to meet unique challenges posed by unconventional, jungle warfare. This video series chronicles the men who flew the missions, the aircraft that were involved, and their incredible stories of ingenuity, determination, triumph, and tragedy.

"Wings Over Vietnam" combines rare combat footage with first-hand accounts to create a captivating portrait of these unique missions, the men who flew them, and the impact they had on the Vietnam War.

The set retails for $49.99, but respondents to this ad will receive a 25% discount per set:

Price per video set: $37.49
S&H per set: $6.95
Total cost per set: $44.44

If more than one set is ordered at the same time, the S&H for each additional set is $2.00, plus the $37.49 each additional set.

Mail your payments to:

Wholesale Department
19 Gregory Drive
So. Burlington, VT 05403
Attn: VVHP

**It is very important to write or mention by phone "VVHP" to get the 25% discount.**

Steve Nolan
Vice President Home Video
Wingspan: Air & Space Channel

Phone: 301-718-0700 or
1-800-WINGSPAN (946-4772)
FAX: 802-864-9846

Web Site:

The Moving Wall

In 1993 I was selected as the official videomaker for the Reunion sponsored by the Vietnam Vets of Brevard County, FL. While there, I did a "tour" of guard duty at the Moving Wall display and was caught up in the emotions felt by many who visited. I decided to end my reunion video with a special tribute to the Moving Wall.

The 10-minute segment contained "solarized" scenes of the wall and those who visited it. Set to music, the video has proven to be very emotional and does exactly what I had intended it to people why 'Nam vets revere those we left behind.

The video presently sells for only $15.00 (plus $3.00 for priority mail); has a money-back refund if not satisfied; and a five-year, tape defect/free replacement warranty. Many copies have been donated to schools and other civic and vet organizations.

Please make out your check or money order for $18.00 to "United Video Productions" and land mail to the address below.

Ron C. Harsh - Owner
United Video Productions
P.O. Box 192
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32549

Phone: (850) 243-7005

E-mail Ron at:


Brown Water Productions has produced an excellent three-tape series on Riverine-related activities. (The third tape will be added shortly.)


narrated by Robert Stack, is a documentary on the background and mission of Operation Game Warden, the highly successful river warfare program during the final years of the Vietnam conflict. Approximately 54 minutes run time.

Cost: $29.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling

Available from:

Brown Water Productions
10987 Brener Circle
Moreno Valley, CA 92557


tells the story of the implementation of the Navy's finest close-in, shallow water fighting boats, the Patrol Boat, River, one of the giants of the Vietnam inland waterways. Approximately 30 minutes run time.

Cost: $19.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling

Available from:

Brown Water Productions
10987 Brener Circle
Moreno Valley, CA 92557

Hoa Binh - Restoration Project

A 44 minute documentary chronicles the Vietnam Veteran Restoration Project's Team VIII journey, 1994.

The VVRP is offering the video as their gift with a $50 tax-deductible donation.
Information available from:

Ann Crawford
DoveSong Productions
PO Box 364
Stinson Beach, CA 94970

"All the Unsung Heroes:
The Story of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial"

Visit this site for a tribute to the Vietnam Veteran and for information regarding a new video release.

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