Veterans Vietnam Restoration Project (VVRP)

What is VVRP ? (the following was extracted from the VVRP Newsletter)

By Steven Stratford, VVRP Executive Director

The Veterans Vietnam Restoration Project (VVRP) is a very small, grass roots, non-profit, tax-exempt (501 (c) (3)), humanitarian, non-governmental organization (NGO), located in Garberville, California USA (population 1,350). We were founded in 1988, by Fredy Champagne and a rag-tag group of local veterans. We are totally dependent upon donations for our survival.

The VVRP's primary mission is to provide American Vietnam War Veterans (and others who feel the need) with opportunities to return to Vietnam to do humanitarian aid projects. So far we have arranged for 62 Americans (56 men and 8 women) to undertake such projects. (information current as of June 1994).

For further information contact:

Mr. Steven Stratford
Executive Director
PO Box 369
Garberville, CA. 95542

Phone: (707) 923-3357
Fax: (707) 923-4213