How This Home Page Started

This Page was originally started during 1994 to provided information about the Vietnamese Memorial Association (VMA) (now the Vietnam Childrens Fund) and to support their efforts in raising funds for the construction of elementary schools in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam. The idea for this project was conceived by Marine Veteran Lewis B. Puller Jr. during his last trip to Vietnam in early 1994.

This Home Page was decoupled from the VMA, however, upon request of the VMA's attorney. The basis of this request was the VMA's perception that its status as a nonprofit, charitable organization might be endangered through "fund raising" efforts using the Internet.

The Home Page was then "recast" as a Landing Zone where Vietnam War Veterans and their families and friends could share stories, pictures, songs, art, poetry, and experiences using the multimedia capabilities of the World Wide Web and supporting software (Mosaic, Netscape, etc.).

This Page is maintained by Bill McBride and a small platoon of helpers and friends. Computer support for hosting this site is provided by Southwest Research Institute. Support for the mirror site at FEDEX has been provided by FedEx Corporation.

For additional information or to contribute stories, pictures or other materials, please contact Bill McBride at:

This Home Page is dedicated to the memory of Lewis Burwell Puller Jr.