Note: This page contains dated information. It is being kept for historical record purposes.

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P0 BOX 1015 YONKERS, NEW YORK 10704-1015 202-347-2422
A project of The Vietnamese Memorial Association,
a private non-profit 501 (c)(3)

THE VCF IS COMMITTED to constructing elementary schools in Vietnam. The first school, dedicated on April 24, 1995 during the 2Oth anniversary of the end of the Vietnam war, was named in memory of Lewis B. Puller, Jr. who served as a director and helped to found the project. 565 children in three shifts attend the school located in Dong Ha Town, Quang Tri Province on what was formerly the DMZ. Using the Lewis B. Puller Jr. EIementary School as the prototype, the VCF hopes to build 39 more schools throughout Vietnam.

The second school is being constructed in Ninh Binh. An American flyway during the war, this area was totally devastated and rebuilding is a long process. The school is being built with a grant from the Gannett Foundation and will serve nearly 200 children.

The third school will be located in Tra Vinh, in the Delta. The fourth school is planned for Son La, half way to Dien Bien Phu.

About Vietnam

Purpose: to remember the families and children lost in the Vietnam war.

Goal: to close the past and look to the future by educating the children of Vietnam.

Mission: to create a living memorial - a network of elementary schools in Vietnam.

Board Members

TERRY ANDERSON, co-chair, was a US Marine who served in Vietnam. Mr. Anderson was Associated Press Bureau Chief in Beirut when taken hostage and remained a captive for seven years. He is currently an author and lecturer.

KIEU CHINH, co-chair, was born in North Vietnam and raised in South Vietnam. Ms. Chin settled in California after the war. She is an award winning actress.

JOHN WHEELER, president, served as chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, the organization that built the Wall. A West Point graduate, Mr. Wheeler received his law degree from Yale and his business degree from Harvard. He lives in Washington, DC where he is an attorney and author.

TRUDA CLEEVES JEWETT is the Assistant Executive Director of the prestigious Children's Aid Society headquartered in New York City.

VINCENT S. PEREZ is the managing director of Next Century Partners, Singapore.

WILLIAM B. RICHARDS is an investment banker who served in Vietnam from 1969-70. He lives in New York City and has long been active in charitable works.

EDWARD TIMPERLAKE is a US. Naval Academy graduate who flew F-4 Phantom U aircraft with the US Marine Corps in Southeast Asia. He is a former Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs under President Bush.

SUSAN BAKER WATTS is Director of Health and Social Programs at the French-American Foundation in New York City. She has spent many years as an advocate for children's rights and healthy development.

IN MEMORIUM: LEWIS B. PULLER, JR. was awarded two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his autobiography, "Fortunate Son."