THOUGHTS By Michael Dingwell

There they go again, flickering through my mind, Thoughts of death and friends, you know the kind; I'm not sure where they're coming from, I'm not sure I care, I know they're not going away soon, `cause they're always there. Out of the corners of my eyes, a figure dashes past, Just like the enemy in `Nam, they're really fast; I can't ever tell what it is, or even if it's real, Sometimes I don't even see it, it's just something that I feel. Can't tell anybody, there's no one that I trust, Don't want them to know, don't want them to judge; I know I'm not crazy, I know the enemy's near, Maybe I can't see him, but I sure as hell can hear. He's been stalking me for a long time, since my partner fell, Sometimes I can feel him, sometimes it's the smell; Getting hard to sleep now, it must be getting close, I wake up all the time, sensing him like a ghost. He's wearing black pajamas, carrying his weapon low, Sneaking up on me, waiting to deliver the blow; I ain't afraid of dying, ain't afraid to fight, It's just that sometimes, I'm not sure I'm right. There it is again, a flickering in my eye, He's a sneaky little bastard, or he's awful shy; Wish my partner were here, and we both had a gun, We were good together, we often fought as one. But he checked out on me, he was KIA long ago, Now I have to fight by myself, always so alone; Everything in my head, it has to stay where it's at, As I wait for my enemy, and the last attack.

Copyright © 7-25-95 By Michael Dingwell, All Rights Reserved