I stand before the WALL with a tear running down my face,
it reflects the sorrow and pain of the heart.

As another tear rolls down my cheek it reflects the cold hard
glare of black stone whose face has a chisel look.

With the falling of another tear you can see the boyish fun of
old friends who are no more.

As I fight to hold back the tears their gentle hands reach out to my
heart saying we are here for you.

With there touch my tears say I'm sorry that I came home and that
you stayed behind.

As the tears flow I know that the boy I was then is no longer for
only a man can cry for lost friends.

For I cry A Tear For Those Who gave Their All.

By Guy Jones, a Vietnam Vet Nov 68 - Oct 69.

* Co A & HQ,43d Signal Battlion, 22d Signal Group, 1st Signal Brigade
* Plieku, Vietnam (MAC V compound)