Who Has Supported These Efforts...?...and Who Hasn't?

Over the past three years that I have been working on this project, there have been many individuals who have contacted me for additional information and with statements of support. In addition, several people have been able to provide me with valuable and useful information to assist me in these efforts. To all those people, you know who you are, I want to openly state my tremendous gratitude for your time and effort.

There have also been several organizations and individuals who have been conspicuously absent from this group of supporters. The two organizations that I'm most disappointed in for their lack of interest are the Marine Embassy Guard Association (MEGA) and the 716th Military Police Battalion. One would think that they would want to jump on the bandwagon to assist "one of their own" -- 1 of the KIA was a Marine Embassy Guard and 4 were MPs from the 716th.
[Note added 5/15/2002 - The 4 MPs were with the 527th MP Company, a unit of the 716th Battalion.]

As the developments of my contacts of January, 2002, began to gather momentum and show some sign of bearing fruit, I felt it would be appropriate to involve these two specific organizations. I think the following facts should be made public:

716th Military Police Battalion

[contact information was obtained from their web site]

Marine Embassy Guard Association

[contact information was obtained from their web site]


Due to this lack of response, I believe it is safe to say that neither the Marine Embassy Guard Association nor the 716th Military Police Battalion find the efforts to re-establish the missing plaque a matter of interest. For any of you connected to either of these organizations, it's got to make you wonder.

Rossie, out.

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