Dropping In For Lunch

The tour bus stopped at a fairly decent looking roadside cafe, with covered tables and real floors. There were several other tour buses in the parking lot, but the place was big enough to handle the crowd.

Most of the other tourists seemed to be drinking more than eating. We were a bit famished, so it was right to the eats for us.

Just after the meal was served, four locals carried in a python weighing a couple hundred pounds and measuring 10 or more in length. They had the courtesy to drop it on the floor in the center of the cafe (as opposed to dropping it on anybody's table), and it proceeded to make its way around the premises.

Generally, snakes are fine when confined and at a distance. Having one slithering around the floor of a restraunt is a bit unnerving. And snakes, as all things natural, do very natural things..... as this one decided to empty it bowels on the restraunt floor.

It wasn't hard to identify partially digested eggs, but the rest of the stuff was a bit unrecognizable. Although the snake did draw a crowd of supporting attention, the majority of the tourists seemed to immediately head out back to vomit up their over indulgence of beer.

One of the next stops was at a snake market, where fresh snake meat was readily available for lunch. I'm glad we stopped at the cafe first .