WHY A MARINE By Bill Hagee - 1968

Rain falls loudly on the canopy above, Somber faces gather round,
A friend, a brother, another Marine Lays dying on the ground;
His leg torn off from the knee, Shrapnel up through his chest,
He wore the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, Is one of Americas best.

For God, Country, and Corps,...Forever.....Semper Fi,
In this small country far from home, This Marine came to die;
Why was he willing to give his life, There is no reason for this war,
Why was he so proud, To be part of this US Marine Corps.

To understand what makes a Marine, And why his pride is so deep,
You must first understand, What this Marine needs;
Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, These names give him chills,
Montezuma, Tripoli, Good old Motherfucker Hill.

All those things and many more, Swell him up with pride,
The Marine Corps Hymn tugs at his heart, And always makes him cry;
Pride in Corps and pride in self, Makes the man he has become,
He is willing to fight and die, Whereever there are battles to be won.

But now his soul is leaving, The ground soaks up his life,
There will never be a future, No kids, no fame, no wife;
His flag draped coffin rests silently, Guarded by Marines in blue,
This Marine died the most honorable of deaths, Defending all of you.

Copyright © By Bill Hagee 1968, All Rights Reserved