WHY? By Michael Dingwell

Why am I still here? so far, yet so near; Why do I remain? just to go insane. Why can't I forget? have some peace and yet How do I let go? of all that I do know. The pain and the death, a friend's last breath; The sound in the night, that terrible firefight. That horrifying scream, what does it mean, Why am I still here? so far, yet so near. Why did I return? what is it I'm to learn; I wanted to be with them, the dead, my friends. Yet here I remain, so alone with my pain; I still smell the blood, my friends dead in the mud. I still see the tracers, going over my head like lasers; I hear the bullets hitting flesh, my head's such a mess. Oh God, why am I still here? so far.... yet so near.

Copyright © 1996 By Michael "Pegleg" Dingwell, All Rights Reserved