What will it be like today when I open my eyes Will it be beautiful, with blue skies? Or will it be sad and lonely, my eyes full of tears Will I see death and horror when I look in the mirror? Will I remember sex and smooth skin under my hand Or will it be mud and blood, like the last stand? Will I think of my lady, her eyes full of love Or will I remember the snipers, death from above? Every day's different, never the same Some full of love, some full of pain I wonder what it's like for people who've never known war I'll never know, for I'm not normal, that's for sure I've seen too much, and at such a young age I've seen men kill with gun and blade Tasted the enemy's blood, when we fought face to face Wondering if I would survive, or if I would leave this place The years have passed, and with help from above I've survived enough to find some love I still remember the sight of my friend Still see my partner, and his terrible end I can still talk to him, alone at night Does this make me insane, I know it's not right I feel his pain, deep in my soul Why did I live, why did he go? God sent me a woman, who became my wife He gave me a second chance, at this thing called life He gave me sons, and grandchildren too And that was wonderful, really cool When I got hooked on drugs, to try to forget the pain He let me come back, and told me to forget the shame So why God, did you leave me the memories of Bill Lying there in the sand, his body so still? My heart torn asunder, my very soul ripped in half Why didn't you take me too, strike me down with your staff? I have to live this life, just going thru the motions While part of me is still across the ocean In a little country where I became a man a place we all know, called Vietnam Mike Dingwell

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