I served with the 3rd Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division as a combat engineer. I worked with the 1st of the 14th, 2nd of the 14th, 2nd of the 35th, 11th armored cav as well as some units I don't remember. I was a demo-man, tunnel rat, lz-cutter and various other things.

I served in the Central Highlands around Pleiku, Bong Son, An Khe, and was wounded up by Duc Pho.

In 1966 we didn't have trained tunnel rats yet, so they sent the 'pick and shovels' down. Out of 35 guys from Europe, I was the only one to come back. My best friend was killed six days before I was hit by a 57mm recoiless rifle while riding on the back of an APC.

I spent 27 years using drugs and booze to try to forget. I CAN'T FORGET!

I now work for Astro-Geology under NASA up in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. I play softball, fish, and take time to play with my three Yorkshire Terriers; and, of course, my wife.

It is now my desire to find the final resting place of my partner, Bill June, and go and say a final goodbye. My heart and my soul will forever grieve for him.

Mikey D.

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