Frenchy's Whore

Frenchy's Whore

A Vietnam novel based on a true story.

published by

Windswept Press
Interlaken, New York

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By purchasing this highly acclaimed book you can help veterans all Across the country. The author is donating 50% of his royalties to the National Veterans Foundation for the rehabilitation, housing and well-being of all of America's veterans.


My name is Vernon Brewer II. In Vietnam I was called Dewey . As a member of the 173rd Airborne infantry I received three purple hearts and memories, good and bad, that remain exceptionally vivid to this day. The raw manuscript of this book won a scholarship from The State University of New York at Brockport. In 1994 I completed work on my novel, FRENCHY'S WHORE, which was published by Heart of the Lakes Publishing Company in Interlaken, NY.

Although the title suggests a story of sex, nothing could be further from the truth. FRENCHY'S WHORE is a true story written in the third person about teenage paratroopers and how they existed day to day in a strange and violent land. I have been told I have talent in my writings, that even readers who were not there feel as if they had traveled back in time to a place where young men died, loved , dreamed and cried.

I have never received a rejection slip nor a bad review, but no one could be more surprised than I as to how well this book has been received. To be accepted for publication on your first submission is a writers' dream. To be embraced by thousands of readers is humbling beyond words. To have readers not only understand what I was trying to accomplish with the book, but respond so enthusiastically makes the years of writing and wondering more than worth the effort.

Below are some excerpts from the many letters, reviews and comments I have received from around the world. These are more than flattering to me. Their words show I succeeded in touching other minds with the memories I will carry to my grave, and that in some way those who read the book become the protagonist. They feel what he feels, see what he sees, and, more importantly to me, they understand.

That was all I wanted...I got more. I have succeeded in bringing the memories of friends long dead back to life in the minds of all who read about their sacrifice in that nasty little war.



It is best to get the title of this book taken care of right away. FRENCHY'S WHORE may not be the most appealing title, but Vernon E. Brewer II did not write the book to fit into an acceptable mode. His words pack a power I have seldom felt before. FRENCHY'S WHORE kicks you in the gut. It may grab you by the throat and bring tears to your eyes. I look forward to meeting the author of these powerful words and to saying "Thank you" to Vernon for going to Vietnam and for writing his book so that we may all better understand.


I have seen every movie and read many books on the war in Vietnam but I have never read one that truly made me feel like I was there.....until this one.


Vern, what makes this even more special is your unending loyalty to the National Veterans Foundation and its service to fellow Veterans. Through your fascinating novel you have told a story from such a deep personal viewpoint that one cannot help but be moved by the experiences of Vietnam.


I have just finished reading your book. For the first time I know what my brother went through in Vietnam. I could see pictures in my mind of the fear, thrill and sorrow that appeared in different parts of your book. My bother was a Marine in Vietnam when I was a little girl. I knew never to wake him as he slept on my parents' couch, but I didn't know why the police took him away in an ambulance after he used a shotgun to shoot up his bedroom. Thank you for writing this book because now I understand what he went through. Here is a piece of my heart. Handle it with loving care as I will always handle this book.


The grueling march through the jungle to reach and climb Hill 522 will leave you drained as if you had climbed the hill yourself. But then, perhaps some of you did. What the men of A CO, 4/503 infantry experienced on that day in November, 1968 is what the author has so vividly recounted in his book and with the credence that only a "Herd" member who was there could provide...

Vernon Brewer has provided (us) with a book that reveals how the men in the 173rd Abn. Infantry battalions lived their lives in a war they did not understand but were willing to die trying. FRENCHY'S WHORE is not a misnomer, it is the best book written to date that epitomizes what the 173rd. Abn. Brigade was and still is. If you have not read it, I suggest that you do.



Excerpt from FRENCHY'S WHORE:

Captain Simpson turned and sprinted up the trail, firing short bursts from his CAR-15 as he ran. Dewey jumped up and followed him. More mortar rounds were impacting the summit as he watched his CO leap over a body sprawled sideways on the trail.

As he drew closer Dewey recognized him. It was Dong. He cleared the body on the run. What he saw burned into his brain. His system momentarily overloaded as shock waves surged through him.

Dong had been shot in the face, just below the nose. The round had exited at the base of his skull. Brains oozed down his neck and blood poured from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. His body twitched spastically.

Dewey still followed his CO but was no longer all there. Something deep inside had snapped. He felt more vulnerable than he had ever felt before in his short life. His face felt hot.

In a rush he knew there was a bullet in flight headed for his face. Something that snapped now ran, silently screaming into the darkness of his mind. A fear above and beyond any nightmare he'd ever had swallowed him, then spit him back out on the trail and crawled inside him where it spread through his limbs like ice water pumping through his veins.

Simpson stopped abruptly amid a scene of utter carnage. Several dead or dying troopers lay near the trail. Another, his feet hanging limply over the edge of a rocket crater, had taken a full charge of shrapnel. It was as if something had removed every other inch wide strip horizontally the length of his body and what was left had collapsed in on itself.

Only by his jungle fatigues could anyone tell this had ever been human.

Dewey quickly forced his eyes away. The image lingered, burning brightly into a gray spot that tingled in his brain. Other troopers lay where ever he looked. Someone close by was screaming, "OH MY GOD!" over and over. Others lay crumpled, bloody and still. One of these was Satch.

"He's still alive!" the medic working on him shouted at Simpson.

Books may be ordered as given below. 197 pages, paperback. The price is only $12 and includes shipping and handling. Please advise the publisher of how you found out about the book, as we are in our second printing and have only relied on word of mouth and the author's promotions.

Autographed copies of FRENCHY'S WHORE are available upon request.

It is important to mention America On Line, or the Internet, as selling the book this way rather than through Waldenbooks allows more money to go to the National Veteran's Foundation. The price is $12.00 including shipping/handling.


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