Photojournalism is the presentation of facts or occurrences with little attempt at analysis or interpretation making primary use of photographs to convey the story or statement.

I guess, by definition, that's what some of this is.

Many things in Vietnam intrigue me. One of them is the social statements posted on billboards. Inherent in that is a "native art form" rarely still seen in the U.S. We seem to have a high-profile advertising and slick art style. It may be that industrialization has moved us past and away from what is really a "native" art form - or it might be that our real "native" art form is now the product of the industrialization itself. Vietnam has taken a different expression of that.

The art and display of the posters caught my attention. I can't read the words, but the messages are often clear. With the help of friends, I have attempted to present an adequate translation of these messages. I do not know how close to a literal translation I have given, since I don't speak the language. If errors have been made (or the point has been missed), I am open to comments and suggestions regarding that. Email John Paul Rossie

I find these type of messages falling into several niches or categories. I trust I am not making "analysis or interpretation" through the use of these categories. I hope you find the art form as interesting as I do.

-- To propel toward an affluent population, a prosperous country, an equal, civilized society, let's participate in the city's 1997 Science Invention Fair.

-- Saigon - Ho Chi Minh - Industrialize - Modernize

-- Remembering 300 Years - Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City - 1698-1998

-- Strive to learn and work in an effort to help the family.

-- Respond to the day for world population, when every family should limit themselves to having only 1 or 2 children.

-- Family Planning by the Population Committee. Stop at 2 children so you can take better care of them.

-- One World. The Day the World prevents AIDS.

-- Various - Anti-AIDS-HIV Campaign

-- DON'T use elements of the counter-culture!

-- Narcotics is the pain of every family.


-- Congress 8 of the Party. Congress continues toward new changes for building the country and protecting the fatherland of socialism. This will result in happy citizens.

-- July 20, 1997 - Election Day of the 10th Government Election..... and the local area Council votes the same day.

-- Choose good people with the qualifications and worthiness for the 10th Vote. Vote alternative individuals for all levels and rank of the People's Council.

-- Unite as One with the Will and Energy for realizing Victory in all that the Governments requests. Industrialize - Modernize the Country.

AND -- Go to the polls to vote for delegates of Government and Councils of the People - It is the power and duty of every citizen to go to the polls and vote.


-- We warmly welcome the memory of 22 years since the day of complete victory of the resistance fighter over the Americans to save our Fatherland.

-- Veteran's Monument: Offer flowers. We respect those who never gave up and rose up in the Spring of 1968. Their ideas will never die. Remember the heroes and revolutionary martyrs who died for their country.

AND -- 30 Years Memory. 1968 - 1998 General attack and uprising in Spring season, 1968.

-- On November 20, 1998, extend a welcome to and remember your Teachers. (Left)
Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City - 300 years old (Right)

-- (left) Happy New Year - Tran Duk Luong, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam - Spring 1998 (National Emblem of the Communist Party AND (right) Warm Welcome - 68 years from the day of the setup of the Vietnam Communist Party (1930 - 1998).