Setting the Record Straight

On August 18, 2003, I received the following email. I present it here simply to set the record straight
on a couple issues I negatively commented on earlier.

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Hi John:
Thank you for your efforts to recover the plaque(s)!
I saw both plaques in their original places, as I served as a Marine Security Guard in both
the old and "new" embassy buildings.  James C. Marshall, KIA 31 Jan 03 was my friend.
On 10-14 Sept 03 the Saigon Embassy Association (civilians and military) will meet in New 
Orleans @ the Embassy Suites 315 Julia Street.  I would be honored to introduce you during 
our Saturday night dinner if you could possibly attend. I will be reading the names of those 
on the plaques in honor of their sacrifices.
Please note that the Marines of the Saigon Embassy Association are part of MEGA, but we operate 
independently. I am a charter member of MEGA #25. However, coming across your web postings 
regarding the plaques brought your efforts to my attention for the first time.
Please be informed that Paul Alan White is currently serving time in Federal Prison for 
misrepresenting himself, his rank, and his citations to the Marine Security Guard Association, 
and others. Please do not judge the Association, or it's members, particularly the Saigon Marine 
detachment members, by the actions (or lack thereof) of Paul Allan White.
I have written the Vietnam Embassy in Washington DC requesting return of both plaques to the 
American Embassy. Please let me know how I might further support your efforts on behalf of this cause.
Paul C. Burton
18454 SE 43rd PL
Issaquah, WA 98027
(425) 401-0185
Saigon Oct 1965-Oct 1967
DMZ Feb 1968 - Jan 1969

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