Dan Mouer writes:

I'm 50 years old, happily married for 15 years, have a 30-yr-old son, a 1-yr-old granddaughter, and a lovable, if huge, hound-dog named "Mr. T." I am a prof of anthropology and archaeology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. I specialize in American culture history. Before becoming an anthropologist I worked as a chemistry lab technician in Pittsburgh, and as a writer, editor and photographer in New York. After separation from service in 1967 I spent 6 years trashing my first marriage and my head, spreading myself thin, being "creative." I went back to college in 1973. Thank heaven for the GI Bill. Hobbies? Writing, composing music on my synth, my digital darkroom. Robin and I like to shoot together--handgun target and action shooting, as well as shotgun sports (sporting clays). The highlight of each year is our 2-week vacation on Ocracoke Island. Mr T agrees.

Dan Mouer