Counterparts/Tùòng Hu~u Dông Nam Á

Counterparts/Tùòng Hu~u Dông Nam Á is a non-profit organization composed of former Southeast Asian advisors and counterparts. The organization's established purposes are:

  1. to promote fellowship and fraternity among eligible members;
  2. to commemorate the service and sacrifice of comrades;
  3. to foster cross-cultural understanding and perpetuate traditions or customs for greater esteem;
  4. to inform members of continuing socio-political changes in Southeast Asia:
  5. to compile and preserve archival materials demonstrating historical accuracy about the allied advisory experience during the Second Indochina War;
  6. to disseminate historical information about the advisorial experience and accomplishments by educationg the general public;
  7. to stimulate an appreciation for the advisorial experience and accomplishments by educating the general public;
  8. to grant necessary aid and assistance to Southeast Asian emigres and refugees displaced by the War;
  9. to lend encouragement and service to the orphans and relatives of former advisors;
  10. to inform members of current legislation and veteran's affairs concerning the specific orientation of this organization;
  11. to appropriately assist, whenever feasible, any other war veterans or veterans' organizations without regard to their eligibility or relationship with this organization.

Full membership is available to any who served honorably as a civilian or military advisor in Southeast Asia (i.e. Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam) during the Second Indochina War (1954 - 1975). Host and guest country counterparts are accepted on an equal membership basis. Associate memberships are available.

Counterparts publishes SITREP, a quarterly newsletter, and operates a locator service attempting to reunite advisors with comrades or counterparts.

For more information visit the Counterparts Website