Bunker at Phu Bai

This is a bunker, probably build by the French, and part of a ring of bunkers on the southern edge of Phu Bai. It covers the road from Danang. It was there in the 60's and still sits on the road.

Near DaLat

This bunker is just off the road about halfway down the old French-built road that runs out of the Highlands between DaLat and Phan Rang. I would have taken a closer look but there was an old mine warning sign laying in the grass so it was not worth the risk.

Atop Hai Van Pass

This is the old French-built fort at the top of the Hai Van Pass. It was used by the French, the Americans and the ARVN. There are a number of dud Chicom 60mm mortar rounds in the grass around it, so it had been hit at some time or another.

Photos submitted by Garry Adams.
Copyright - All rights reserved by Garry Adams.