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The "Savages" have checked in!

Hi, Deanna.

Since I wrote to you last, I can't keep up with all the emails I've been getting. It's almost 5 in the morning, and I haven't even read them all.

Here's a quick bio of the group "Savages."

The band consisted of Raj Senewiratne - lead vocal/lead guitar, Calvin Vanramberg - vocals/rythm guitar, Evan Balasuriya - vocals/Bass guitar, and Bertram Daniels - vocals/drummer - left after 3 months (home sick for his fiancee). Elmo Wijesundera replaced him.

Plus, female vocal lead was Dalrene Arnolda; and the two go-go dancers were sisters named Teresa and Tesa. The dancers also left after 3 months and were replaced by two Korean female dancers. After 13 months in Vietnam and after several close calls, and some were too close for comfort, we reluctantly left Vietnam and performed in safer grounds in Singapore for more than three years and finally disbanded in late 1972.

I have been in Minnesota USA from 1973, and since 1978 have operated a Sri Lankan restaurant, Web Site:

Raj toured middle east Beruit and Switzerland in the 70s with another band and even performed with a band in California in the mid 80s and currently settled down in Sri Lanka and operates a successful recording studio, though, has given up performing due to poor health.

Calvin, performed with another popular Sri Lankan band in the 70s and 80s and now at times performs with Dalrene at Sri Lankan local nite clubs.

Bertram, moved to Australia with his young bride but since has divorced and remarried and still lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Elmo, too, moved to Perth, Australia, after quitting the Savages in Singapore and joining an Australian band. He opened his own Guitar shop in Perth and eventually left his Aussie wife and adult children and moved to Switzerland and performed a 'one man band' act at a ski resort, where he met his present French wife. He is now performing in a ski resort somewhere in France.

Dalrene, the female vocalist, performed all over the world, including Sydney Opera house, Germany, and frequently visits USA to perform at Sri Lankan Annual Chrstmas Dances in New York and LA.

The two Sri Lankan go-go dancers settled down in Sydney, Australia, and I believe happily married. I was in Sydney for the 2000 Olympics and talked to the sisters on the phone but was unsuccessful in meeting them. I guess, maybe they wanted me to remember them the way they were in the 60s.

Above was a summarized version, and my goal is to write a book about my experience as an entertainer in Vietnam and hopefully make it into a movie. Thanks for all the info.


From: "Deanna Shlee Hopkins"
To: "Evan Balasuriya"
Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2002
Subject: The "Savages" have checked in! :)

Well, Hello, Evan! And, our heartfelt *THANK YOU* to all you "Savages" for entertaining our Warriors in Vietnam! :)

If anyone can assist, it is our Virtual DJ, Steve Robbins. Steve is a Navy Chief who served 4 tours in Nam and was part of the AFVN-THVN TV, Saigon, there. He'll also get you in touch with the AFVN Web Site folks. I think Steve has access to some of the actual recordings made in country and/or can give you some good sources for same.

Hope I have all that right, Steve.

I'm also copying this to some Vietnam Veteran E-mail Lists, some of whom may have seen you all.

I've long been wanting to add an "Entertaining The Troops" Gallery (or some such title) to our "VVHP" Web Site's "Remembrance" Section. We do have bits and pieces of same throughout our Site, but I'd like to "collect" them all in one main Gallery.

With your permission, I'd sure like to add the "Savages." :) May I use your name and email address, and can you get me in touch with the other "Savages?" I'd love to get some bio/background on each of you and a recorded "history" of your tour -- dates, bases, what happened, etc.

So VERY good to hear from you!

"VIGIL" --

Evan Balasuriya wrote:

Hello, Deanna.

I was an entertainer in Vietnam during the years '67 & '68 and toured almost all the US bases with my Sri lankan band name "Savages". We were four boys and three girls, and I wonder if you could help me locate some of the live recordings that were done on our performances.

Also, we did a live show in US Saigon TV for the troops, and I wonder if someone has a file on all the recordings in that station. Thanks.


The Rose Garden

A fellow Rose Garden Veteran, Mike Koehnen from Jamestown, ND, was assigned to VMFA-115 (F-4s). He wants to start a Web group for veterans and supporters that participated in Operation Linebacker from 1972-73 that were stationed at Nam Phong, Thailand, aka The Rose Garden.

Here are his plans for the Nam Phong, Thailand, Web Page and group. Mike is in the process of developing a Web Site dedicated to the Rose Garden. He wants to get emails out to the veterans' community announcing the group and invite them to the Web Page. Please help us in spreading this message to veterans across the country and the world.

Once there is a decent sized user base, Mike wants to add unit pages, with photo albums and possibly personal pages with maybe a before and after photo, a short bio, and contact information. Mike said he has never done one before, and his Site is under construction. He is looking for some feedback.

Michael Koehnen can be reached at and the Web Site is:

I was with VMGR-152, a C-130 squadron, 1st MAW during Linebacker I & II, and built a very unofficial Web Site which is funded by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Advancement of Vietnam Veterans, Inc. I wanted to start searching for people assigned to my squadron and let other veterans know what we are trying to do. The Web Site for VMGR-152 is:

The Rose Garden

I have a link to the main Nam Phong Web Site.

Any help in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Pizzano USMC Ret.
Editor-in-Chief, Bay State Vietnam Veteran
VVA Massachusetts State Council
E-mail contact:

"VVHP" EDitor's Note

The "VVHP" Web Site has started "The War In Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia" Gallery linked off our main "Remembrance" Section. The above material (and more) is also published there.

December 2001

Documentary on the Vietnam War

Dream Magnet is a small company in New Zealand that is researching a documentary film on the Vietnam War. We were recommended the Vietnam Veterans Home Page as a hub for veterans; and obviously, the best way to get honest, solid information is straight from the horse's mouth.

Please read the text below and respond. If you could suggest any other avenue of research that we could follow, that would also be greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,
Tom Jellicoe


DREAM MAGNET is a small, but growing, film and documentary Production Company, based, for the moment, in Masterton, New Zealand.

Currently we have turned our meager resources onto researching our largest project to date, a picture on the Vietnam War. In particular, we would like to hear from American soldiers or pilots who met ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) while in Vietnam.

To ensure authenticity and honesty in our documentary, we would appreciate any stories, descriptions, and factual information that you think we should know or would be willing to share with us.

Please E-mail Thomas Jellicoe at:

Thank you,
From the Team at Dream Magnet

Web Site:

Searching for 1st Force Recon Buddies

I'm a Vietnam veteran and would like to find any of the guys in this picture --

The picture was taken about Jun/Jul 1969 from the LZ at An Hoa. Our outfit is 1st Force Recon. Our call sign may have been "Minkcoat" or "Petrify." We changed call signs frequently. I was the patrol leader (SSgt Griffith) -- standing in the back in the picture, far left.

I believe the Marine to my left is Lcpl John Carr, my ATL. The rest ... my mind has failed me.

I can be reached at (208) 888-7595.

Or E-mail at: or

Thanks for your help.

Semper Fi,
Don Griffith

"The Combined Action Program" Web Site

I represent a group of Cap Veterans, Veterans' Families, and Veterans' Friends. Most of the men in our group once served in Vietnam in the Marine Unit "The Combined Action Program."

We have a Web Site that we would love for you to visit, and pass the word about, at:

Jack Cunningham
Vietnam Vet
Cap Marine

Aircraft "Charlie Chopper"

Looking for the crew of a Series III OH-6A "hardbelly," LOH, used in Vietnam and restored by a private owner.

26th Marines Buddy Locator

26th Marine Regiment Command Center and Buddy Locator Registry:

Words From The Wall:

The Snake Den:

Semper Fidelis,
Loyde P. "Snake" Arender


Vietnamese Navy Veterans

Dear Comrade,

Would you like to have a look at The Site:

The Site Title is: Freevietnam-2000. We are a Vietnamese Navy group Veterans, built the Site to Tribute and honour to all Vietnam Vet.

Some of our members still have lot of memory and respect about your activity in Nui Dat and around.

Best regards,



"Entertaining Vietnam"

Please visit my site about the documentary which I've just completed:

I have also just set up a site for entertainers and vets, if they're interested, to leave messages and maybe find friends they made during the war. It's at:

It was amazing how many entertainers I interviewed who remembered the names of guys they would love to find again.

Mara Wallis

May 2001

Army Security Agency / Radio Research Unit

Would appreciate a listing for my Army Security Agency / Radio Research Unit (Vietnam) Veterans locator database. In our LOCATOR LISTINGS, I have over 22,000 records of ASA and RRU (Vietnam) vets. This database is ONLY for members of these units:


Vern Greunke
PO Box 124
Cedar Bluffs, NE 68015

May 2001

The Nuclear Cruiser, the U.S.S. MISSISSIPPI, CGN-40

The Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission is seeking to locate sailors who served aboard the Nuclear Cruiser, the U.S.S. MISSISSIPPI, CGN-40. The main mast was donated to the Memorial by the U.S. Navy. The Memorial commission is trying to ID and locate any of these sailors or Marines to let them know about the plans to have the mast mounted at the site of the Mississippi Vietnam Memorial down in Ocean Springs, MS.

Please pass this request on to anyone and to organizations that could "pass the word."

They may also call Mike Teter at 228-832-5370 or write to 119 Connie Drive, Gulfport, MS. 39503

Appreciate in advance all help.

Ken Riskedahl
VVA Chapter 842
Verona, MS

EDitor's Note: The "USS Mississippi" Web Page is at:


Priority: Descendants of Viet Nam Vets

Last Saturday a close friend of mine, Ellis Fjeld, passed away from cancer at his home in Longmont, Colorado. Ellis was a Viet Nam vet and served his country with courage and dignity through one and a half tours of duty during the Viet Nam War. Ellis and I went to high school together in Kent, Ohio, and remained friends for nearly forty years.

Another buddy of Ellis's, who lives in Massachusetts, and myself, with help from Ellis's family, have established the makings of a fully-endowed scholarship at Kent State University in Ohio in his name. The scholarship is for students in the School of Music and is intended to benefit the "descendants of Viet Nam veterans." These were Ellis's wishes, and we followed them to the letter.

We have roughly $3,500.00 in the fund (which is already officially "on the books" at Kent State); and, in order for it to become fully endowed (so that it will go on forever in Ellis's name), it needs to reach $10,000.00 in five years.

Friends and family will no doubt continue to contribute to the fund, but I would like for other veterans to be made aware of the scholarship fund in case they might want to contribute. Kent State will, of course, issue tax receipts which can be applied against U.S. Income Tax for any donors; and any donations would be handled directly and officially through the University.

So far as we know, it's a fairly unique type of award and will continue to honor the memory of Viet Nam vets for generations to come. The details of the scholarship, including the contact person at Kent State's Funding Office, are below. I can also mail you a copy of the complete scholarship document which we completed just a month before Ellis died, so at least he knew that it was going ahead. I live in Newfoundland, Canada, where I teach at a small college.

Details Regarding the Scholarship:

Please make checks/money orders payable to "The Kent State University Foundation," and include a note to accompany the check saying that it is for the "M. Ellis Fjeld Endowment Fund." Please also write "M. Ellis Fjeld Endowment Fund" on your check's/money order's "FOR:" line or "For ..." on the "MEMO" line.

Send to:

The Attention of Geetha Thomas
Kent State University Foundation
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, Ohio 44242-0001

The Kent State contact person for any questions:

Laura Schmidt
Director of Development
College of Fine and Professional Arts
Office of the Dean
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, Ohio 44242-0001

Phone: (330) 672-2760


The precise wording of the scholarship, as it relates to Vietnam vets, is:

"The recipient must be a music major who is a student of the french horn. From such students, first priority consideration shall be given to a descendant of a Vietnam Veteran."

These were Ellis's wishes based on the fact that he played the french horn for many years, and he was proud to have served his country. He wanted, in a small way which was very personal to him, to ensure that he could continue to help budding musicians while also honoring the memory of Vietnam veterans whom he considered to be like family.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Kent Jones
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Phone and FAX at Home: (709) 634-0607
Phone at Work: (709) 637-6200, EXT 6385

PBS Documentary -- "Letters From War"

We are seeking 8mm/Super8/home movie footage from Vietnam for a PBS documentary on letters from American soldiers home from War -- from the Revolutionary War through the Gulf War. If you or someone you know has footage, please contact Melissa Adelson at "Robert Kenner Films" -- phone (323) 460-6486, or E-mail me at:

Many thanks,
Melissa Adelson
Associate Producer
"Letters From War"
650 N. Bronson Avenue, #138
Los Angeles, CA 90004
tel (323) 460-6486
fax (323) 462-7686

"Rolling Thunder, Northern Indiana Chapter #2" News

Some news from Tim "Rutt" Rowe, President, "RT" Indiana Chapter #2. It's on their Web Site, plus more --

Web Site:

E-mail contact: "RUTT" ROWE

CCB-18, Mobile Riverine Force (MRF)

We need the support of all hands to restore the CCB-18 back into her original form, and we can only do this with your support. The Command Control Boat (CCB-18) is the *last* known surviving boat of the Mobile Riverine Force. Please make a donation for this good cause no matter how large or small. It will be greatly appreciated. More information and a photo of the CCB-18 at:

Web Site:

Thank you,
Albert Moore
President, MRFA

"The Enterprise"

Our family runs an Army Surplus Store called "The Enterprise" in Angola, Indiana. We just ran across some Genuine G.I. Issue X-Large Regular, B.D.U. tops from the Vietnam Era. We bought these at a Government Surplus auction.

They are brand new -- the ones with the slanted breast pockets. We would like to sell these for $50.00 each, postage included. We thought, with all the reunions going on, maybe someone would be interested in these shirts.

Our address and phone number is as follows:

The Enterprise
1020 E. U.S. Hwy 20
Angola, IN 46703

Phone: 219-665-2283

E-mail address:

Jodi and Ron Deller

Nam-Era R&R

I'm looking for some info on Nam-Era R&R and working on a movie about Waikiki. I would like to get some images -- preferably movie/video footage of guys on R&R at Waikiki.

Mac Simpson

Job Announcement

Please help us distribute this job announcement as widely as possible in our search for a full-time, temporary lecturer in the History Department at Western Washington University. Whether it is through personal contacts, bulletin boards, web sites or publications, please do what you can to distribute this to as wide a population as possible. The announcement with contacts is in the text of the message below. Thank you for any help you can give us.

Eula Roeder
Department of History
Telephone: 360-650-3429

Western Washington University invites applications for a full-time lecturer position for the 2000-2001 academic year to teach Renaissance and Reformation/Early Modern Europe, and Western Civilization, non tenure-track, beginning September 2000.

Salary dependent upon qualifications and experience. Minimum ABD required (by August 2000), PhD preferred in Renaissance and Reformation/Early Modern Europe, and Western Civilization; evidence of potential for successful contribution in teaching desirable.

Interested candidates must submit a letter of application describing background and teaching philosophy, graduate school transcripts, vitae, phone numbers of three references, and evidence of or potential for successful teaching. Address inquiries and send application materials to:

Dr. George Mariz
Search Committee Chair
Department of History
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA 98225-9056

Tel: (360) 650-3457
Fax: (360) 650-7789

Applications must be postmarked by August 1, 2000; and screening will begin on that date. AA/EOE. To request disability accommodation call: (360) 650-3306 (V); (360) 650-7606 (TTY).

U.S. Military Research

I am working on a military research project. Basically, I am trying to cover all the bases, units, branches, etc. that were ever located in Newfoundland, Labrador, Greenland, and Iceland. That would include the Air Transport Command and the Northeast Air Command. I have included Army Air Corps, Air Force, Navy, Army, Marine Corps, etc. It involves bases like Pepperrell AFB, Argentia NAS, McAndrew AFB, Harmon AFB, Goose Bay, and all others in the regions noted above.

Initially, the purpose of this project was to better outline the contribution of the U.S. Military over the years to (my home) Newfoundland. I have expanded the project to include the other areas, as I have learned that the American effort covered the four regions noted. Any photos, patches, and other visuals are gratefully accepted - scans are perfect!

You might wonder how relevant this might be to your particular organization. One person contacted me wondering if I knew how to locate a Marine who had been stationed in Newfoundland in 1960. He left NF and went to Vietnam.

Thanks so much for your help! We have heard from so many wonderful people - this has been very interesting. I have learned a great deal.


NPR Broadcast!

"Everything we've done is to remind people that Mike, and all the others, are more than just etchings on a Wall."

Tim "CAPVet" Duffie

Editor's NOTE:

The date for this radio broadcast is over, but you can listen to the Tapes linked from the following URL:

Other information may be obtained at:

Please be sure to also access the other URLs in this notice below. The content is well worth the view.

April 2000

Below is the broadcast schedule for the Mike A. Baronowski Tapes. For those not familiar with the upcoming National Public Radio broadcast of these Tapes, you can read about the program at:

Please follow the link in the header of this Page to "Mike on Radio," then go to the links directly below the header to learn more about this Marine, KIA 29 November 1966, Republic of Vietnam.

Response to the first mix of the Tapes has been very enthusiastic! NPR is going to "break format" (run a long piece without cutaways for Station IDs).

The air date is set for Friday, April 21st, on "All Things Considered." The piece will run about 22 minutes during the half-hour which is uplinked from Washington between 4:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

It will also be airing within a special hour of programming entitled "Vietnam Revisited," but it's impossible to know when local stations will be carrying that.

Postcards are being printed up to announce the "ATC" airing. Here's the copy that's going on the back:


In 1966, a young Marine took a reel-to-reel tape recorder with him into the Vietnam War. For two months, until he was killed in action, Michael Baronowski made tapes of his friends, of life in the foxholes, of combat.

Thirty years later his comrade Tim Duffie brought those tapes to LOST & FOUND SOUND --

Friday, April 21, 2000
Produced By
Christina Egloff with Jay Allison

Special Thanks to the family of Michael A. Baronowski, Tim Duffie, Darcy Bacon, Art Silverman, and Bill Deputy.

Mike On Radio:
Vietnam, 1996:
CAP Web Site, Vietnam, 1965-71:

Editor's NOTE:

We have watched the efforts of Tim Duffie over the years to bring recognition and honor to the men and women who served and who died in the Vietnam War, through his Web Sites and now this tremendous endeavor with these Tapes. Hand salute, Tim! Well done!

Point Man Trips to Vietnam

My name is Vera Kinsey. We have been taking what we call Tactical Teams into Vietnam to do humanitarian work since 1995. We are with Point Man International Ministries, and this is a project of this organization.

We are now taking four trips per year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. We tell interested parties to have a least $1,500.00 for the trip; and most trips are for a two-week stay. Please contact me if you are interested.

Thanks and blessings,

A Vet's and Family Outreach by Vets and Their Families.

Visit our Web Page at:
And Our Missionary Page Project:


"Requiem -- The Vietnam Collection"

Photo Exhibition

A powerful photo exhibition titled "Requiem -- The Vietnam Collection" was exhibited in the Kentucky History Center in Frankfort, Kentucky, from October 1 through November 13, 1999.

Its subject matter was approximately 275 photos and accompanying text from the award-winning book "Requiem -- By the Photographers Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina" published by Random House in 1997. The book and its photos are a tribute to the 135 photojournalists from all sides who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.

The photos in the formal exhibit were complemented by:

1) an area dedicated to personal Vietnam-era memorabilia placed there by veterans while visiting the exhibit (the Center received numerous offers of personal items), and

2) reproductions of some of the more important news headlines from newspapers across Kentucky during the period of the war.

Upon conclusion of the Kentucky exhibition in November, the photos, memorabilia, etc. were crated and shipped to Hanoi, Vietnam. There, the collection was put on display in March 2000 in joint effort with the Vietnam News Agency, the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists, and approved by the Ministry of Culture & Information.

The collection was gifted to the people of Vietnam and turned over to them at a huge Opening Ceremony in Hanoi on Friday, March 10th. Ambassador Pete Peterson was there as well as their Minister of Culture & Information. Richard Lennon traveled to Vietnam from the United States and delivered the Requiem Collection to the Vietnamese people at the Ceremony as a gift from Kentucky.

The intent is to make the gift of this photo collection as an outreach from the people of Kentucky to the people of Vietnam. It is a gift of hope, healing, and history.

E-mail contacts: Richard Lennon and Karen Krinock


My name is John "Roundman" Carney. I'm Vice-President of the Viet Nam Era Seabees. Please help us in getting the "Word Out" to our Brother Bees.

Calling All:

P.O. BOX 36781
RICHMOND, VA 23235-8016

Thank You,

Searching for Members of CBD 1059

My name is Robert A. Turner, and I'm a veteran of WW II. My Serial No. is 5770207. I was on Guam as Baker 3/c and was honorably discharged June 1946. Any information concerning anyone in CBD 1059 would be greatly appreciated.

Robert Turner

Memorial for Army Soldiers and Crew Lost

On a rainy Friday evening, April 22, 1966, an airplane, with 93 young Army soldiers aboard, crashed into the Arbuckle Mountains about 20 miles northeast of Ardmore, Oklahoma. The Lockheed Electra had a crew of five members. Seventy-eight service personnel lost their lives that night in a firey crash that also took the lives of the five crew members.

We have started a fund to put a granite memorial stone at the site of the crash. If you or anyone you know can help, we would like to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma

Web Site:

Dissertation Research Needed

Women married to American servicemen during their Vietnam tours:

Women's historian seeks women of all backgrounds, married to men from all branches, ranks, career, volunteer, draftees; presently married, divorced or widowed.

For: dissertation research on wives' experience with homefront and military life. Plan publication. For those willing to share: may include personal/phone interviews, questionnaires or any written materials offered.

For your information: I am a doctoral student at the University of Colorado at Boulder in recent American History living in Denver (303 744-8265). My husband died in Oct 93 from service connected Hodgkins disease. He was in Vietnam Apr 69 to Oct 69. USMC. A6 BN. Chu Lai.

Thank you for any help that you can give me.

Elizabeth "Lis" Brown

Floyd County Vietnam Veterans

I wanted to let you know that there is now a Web Site for the local Floyd County Vietnam Veterans, here where I live in Rome, GA; and it's part of the "Forever Heroes" Site. The Floyd County Vietnam Veterans would like to hear from anyone who served in Vietnam. Their names & service info are posted at:

along with their Commander's email address and the address and phone number of the Floyd County Vietnam Veteran's Association. There has also been a message board set up for those who would like to make use of it at:

We would like to invite anyone who may be interested or think they may know some of these Veterans to look over these Pages; and please, feel free to establish contact with any or all of them. As some of the guys do not have email addresses yet, Commander Carter and I will be more than glad to forward any message or contact info to any one of them.

Hopefully, these men will find some of their old friends or maybe even make some new ones!

Thank you, and God Bless.

Janice Cross

Free Job Resource Online

Just wanted to let you know about a FREE resource available to veterans that recently went "live" on Veterans Day, 1999. This Site has had almost 1,000,000 hits since it opened on 11/11/99.

The resource is an Internet Site located at:

It is a Site where veterans, who are looking for jobs, can register and post their resumes free of charge. Companies and corporations, who are seeking to hire veterans, then access the Site and make direct contact with those who meet their search criteria.

The Site is headed by two retired Navy guys and has been written about in "USA Today" and other media outlets. There is no cross marketing allowed, and no one may use this Site to sell products or services to the job seekers.

Bill Fitzpatrick, CSM, USA (Retired),
Author of "Does Your Resume Wear Combat Boots"

Contact From 563 rd trans Pleiku

Any contact from 563 rd trans pleiku july 1968-1969

Donald Harper

Contact Needed With 716 MP/BN Members

Would like to contact any 716 MP/BN members -- Years 65/66.


Stephen G. Wright

U.S. 9th Infantry Division

I am interested in finding information about a reunion of the U.S. 9th Infantry Division 1968-1969. Please send any information reguarding reunions connected with the 9th Signal BN THAT WERE ATTACHED TO THE FOLLOWING Infantry BNs: 1st BN of the 60th Inf., 2nd BN of the 60th Inf., 3rd BN of the 60th Inf., and 4th BN 47th Inf. Mechanized. Thank you for your time.

Richard A. Nici

The Quilts of Tears

I would like all Vietnam Veterans and their families to be informed of the Quilts of Tears, a tribute and honor to our Agent Orange Victims, both living and dead. I would like for everyone to know about this project.

I am an Agent Orange widow, President of the Agent Orange Victims and Widows support Network, member of the Agent Orange Coordinating Council in Washington, D.C., which is chaired by Admiral Zumawalt, also Director/Founder of the Quilts of Tears.

Hugs and Smiles,
Jennie Le Fevre

Broward County Vietnam Memorial Wall and Museum

My name is Bonnie DeMartino; and I am a Support Member with VVA 23, Broward County, Florida, and also the project coordinator. VVA 23 has and owns their own "Broward County Vietnam Memorial Wall Dedicated To Michael Savenelli."

We tour the Wall in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, taking it anywhere we are asked. We made a vow never to charge for the displaying of the Wall, and we never have. We also vowed never to pay to display it. Donations, placed in the box that sits at the Wall, is exclusively for the upkeep and transportation costs of touring the Wall.

Unlike the Moving Memorial Wall and the Wall in D.C., our Wall is in alphabetical order. The length of the Wall is only 40 feet. We also have the Vietnam Veterans Museum of Broward County. Both are available upon request by contacting us at (954) 584-5278 or Faxing (954) 791-1738 or E-mailing:

To contact the Museum directly, please phone Frank at: (954) 771-0009


River Patrol Boat Group Number 521


George Read

Alfredo Vea's Novel on Vietnam

Announcement --

New Novel on Vietnam:

Nationally acclaimed novelist Alfredo Vea Jr. will release a new novel, GODS GO BEGGING, (Dutton) next week. The novel deals with Vea's experience as a radioman in Dong Ha and the Central Highlands. The novel is one of the first from a Latino perspective. For more information, check out the book at

Jeff R. Biggers

Agent Orange and Idiopathic Pulminary Fibrosis

My name is Angela Gunter. My father, Walter C. Gunter, was a Vietnam Veteran. He passed away from IDIOPATHIC PULMINARY FIBROSIS in the VA in Atlanta on July 1, 1998. He was exposed to agent orange (Massive). He was not able to get disability for this 100% fatal lung disease.

I am looking for people in the same situation. If we can get enough Vietnam Vets, that have this disease, I know we can do something about it. We can get it on the disability List next to Lung Cancer. The only difference between this disease and Cancer is that, if caught in time, you can cut out Cancer; and Cancer is on the list.

There is no hope of survival without transplant with IPF. If someone gets a transplant, the odds are still staggering after going through all the pain.

Canadians have the same problems regarding agent orange. This is not just in the U.S.; everyone who served in Vietnam that was exposed is at risk. We need to get this disease on the list.

My father was only 17 when he went to Vietnam, '64-'65. I have a feeling a lot more people are going to turn up with IPF in the next few years. This disease is tricky. It looks like bronchitis for a couple years before the x-rays really show the damage. When the fingernails and toe nails start to curl, due to lack of oxygen, thats when it really starts.

Remember, it gets progressively worse over 4 or 5 years before you even realize you're seriously ill. If you know anybody that seems to look older and more tired than they should be who was in Vietnam, PLEASE make them get a check up. They told us life expectany was around 2 to 4 years. My father fought like the Marine he will always be. He lasted 4 years.

Please contact me if you have any information or ideas as to where I should go to put the word out.

My ad would be:


God Bless,
Angela Gunter

E-mail Angela at:

Opening of the "Vietnam Flash"


Announcing the Memorial Day 1999 Weekend opening of VIETNAM FLASH, a near virtual-reality chat room on the Internet for Vietnam Veterans, created by a Vietnam Veteran. The Vietnam Flash chat room is actually a location that contains numerous visual rooms, rooms with backgrounds including a house with livingroom, dining area, bedrooms, den, patio, and others. In addition, there are specialized areas with background scenes of Vietnam or Vietnam-related, including some "rooms" that are coded for special effects.

Users coming to this chat room will be represented on-screen by an image called an "avatar." Some avatars have already been created for users to select from on a guest basis when first visiting the chat room; others will be forthcoming, and any user is welcome to submit an image of choice that can be modified into an avatar.

As in other chat rooms, users type what they wish to say. When the user hits the "Enter" key, the words then appear on-screen in a little "bubble" that points to the user's avatar. In this way, all in the chat room can see who is speaking. There are options also for private message sending to other users in a chat room.

1. To access the Vietnam Flash chat room from the Internet, go to:

2. A Java script will then run and may be a bit slow the first time. It will pull up a selection screen where the user can select a name to use in the chat room and a guest avatar (image) with which to enter the chat room. As soon as an avatar has been selected, the user can click on the bar which gives entry to the chat room and will be immediately transported to the gate of Vietnam Flash. Most users will congregate there, and access and tours into the various rooms of this chat area will be available.

3. No special software is needed to access this chat room from the Internet. However, if a user would like more options, the Palace software can be downloaded. This software is free. For information on obtaining this download, please contact:

4. The Vietnam Flash chat room will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; and it is free -- there is no charge to users. Anyone is welcome, although the chat room has been created and designed predominantly for Vietnam Veterans. There are some restricted areas that deal with particular aspects of the Vietnam War and at this time require password access -- see host Tigr about a tour.

Vet-NetUSA E-zine

Hi There...My name is Tim Mullin. I am a Vietnam Veteran, and I have recently created an E-zine, (online magazine), for VETERANS and all Military Personnel, past and present. I invite you to check it out. It's FREE! For easy sign on, just send a blank e-mail to the following address:

Or go to my Web Page, and double click on my banner; then just push SEND --

The E-zine is informative, enlightening, humorous, and above all CREATIVE! I publish on Mondays and Fridays. Vet-NetUSA has been on line now for about 6 weeks, and it is very well received. All I ask in return for some good QUALITY reading is that, if you like it, could you please help spread the word about it?

Once again, there is nothing to buy. It's FREE! Thank you for your time, and I appreciate your support.

Tim Mullin
Web Site:
E-mail: Tim Mullin

Looking For Aviators

I am looking for aviators who were cited for valor/heroism while participating in aerial flight with the 1st Air Cav Div in Vietnam between 1954 and 1975. More specifically, I would like to communicate with "Huey" crew who received the Distinguished Flying Cross and/or the Air Medal w/V Device.

I was there too -- I hold these awards proudly -- I know what they cost. Please consider contacting me at E-mail: I will hold all communications in confidence and with the utmost respect. Thank you.

Dennis Osborne

"Vietnam: Reflexes and Reflections,
The National Vietnam Veterans Art Musuem"

Harry Abrahms will be coming out with a new art book, "Vietnam: Reflexes and Reflections, The National Vietnam Veterans Art Musuem." Included in this work are 100 of us, all Vietnam vets, with our art and comments.

It should be out soon or at least by Veterans Day. It took almost three years in the making, and the cost is $45.00 at bookstores. The book will be available at Barnes and Noble. Hope you can support this great endeavor.

Mike Gottschalk

Editor's NOTE

Please see the heading "National Vietnam Veteran Arts Museum Opening" near the end of this Marquee for further information on the Vietnam Veterans art museum. Also, if your local bookstore does not obtain this book, please request it. Thanks.

Summer of 1967 -- 30th Anniversary Site

My name is Herschell Harnden. I am a Vietnam Veteran and was, by coincidence, in Danang during the now famous "Summer of Love." Last year (1997) a concert commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Summer of Love was held in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. The concert was on October 12.

Early in the morning on the day of the show, at the rear of the main concert area at a "mock Memorial" (half-sized replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial), Country Joe McDonald began reading a list of U.S. military casualties in Vietnam during that summer of 1967.

Before long, we (about a dozen vets) all had read off names from the list. Country Joe had brought the list with him in the morning; so, when I finished reading the final names, I set out to find him. I ended up with the list backstage. To make a long story short ... everyone backstage (guests, performers, et al) signed that list.

On the following day in downtown San Francisco, the city was welcoming home it's dead from the War in front of the same Memorial as the day before. I got everyone there to sign the list. There are 97 pages which may be viewed at the following Site:

This Site will remain up for at least a year. This is a free Site. No advertising of any kind. I am not promoting anything.

Please help me tell Viet Vets and their families, especially those who lost some one during the summer of 1967. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Herschell Harnden

Awareness Quilt Project

I am still working on the Awareness Quilt project and need blocks 20" square from Vietnam (orange) and Gulf War (brown) families. We displayed the quilts, but we have space on both sides of the reflecting pool we want to cover.

Please put the word out to help obtain blocks, and send then to me at:

810 20th Ave., East
Jasper, AL 35501

Thanks for your help.

God Bless,
Shelia Winsett

Peace Church, Vietnam, Article

"Washington Post"

There was a powerful series of articles running in the "Washington Post." An online version is available at:

Frank Johnston is a close friend of mine -- he is the photographer. He would very much like to identify others in the photos being featured in this article and is keen to contact anyone whose images he captured but whose names he can no longer recall. I know Frank would love to hear from some folks, especially those with whom he shared this difficult experience.

This is a deeply meaningful series for Frank, who is an ex-Marine himself. He once told me that this event at An Hoa was one time during the war that he "set down his camera" to help medics and those wounded.

Like the nurses in Vietnam, who were overlooked for so long, the combat photographers were witnesses to such a deep level of trauma; it had a powerful but unrecognized impact on them. Frank has carried the war experience within him for many years and has been a champion for the vets. He says he hopes that this series will help still the pain for the men who were so courageous. It is my hope that his own pain, buried for so long, will at last begin to heal as well.

There's a "credits" link with Frank's email address on it, if you want to reach out to him personally. He's a genuine artist, a man with a deep soul who shared the war experience with those beside him.

Thanks for taking a look at this series and spreading the word. It would be an amazing "In Touch" moment if those others in the photos could identify themselves.

Nancy Rigg

Marine Airgroup 36 Reunion

I am USMC Robert Carter looking for 1st Marine Airwing, Marine Airgroup 36. We served in Phu Bai, 1968-1969. We would like to have a reunion with our buddies. I have found four, and we are looking for more. You can contact me at 770-386-3267 or E-mail me at: Thanks for your help.

Sturgis Stand-Down

We are organizing an event known as the "STURGIS STAND-DOWN" and need to spread the word. I am building a Site at:

Or E-mail me at:

Thank you,
Billy D. Whitcomb

A Tribute to the "Huey"

As Project Manager, I am building a tribute to the "Huey" from the drawing of an artist's concept for the Air Classics Museum of Aurora, IL. This year marks the Fortieth Anniversary of the Huey in Service; and, as it has recently had its service life extended until the year 2020 by the Armed forces, it has more than made it to the "Classic" stature.

I plan on restoring the aircraft in the authentic markings of each of the five Armed Forces where the "Huey" has served. The total exhibit will use approximately five acres and cost in the neighborhood of $350,000. We already have the aircraft and have started restoring them.

We are in desperate need for former members from all the services, who live in Northern Illinois, to assist us. The "Huey" is the single most easily identifiable symbol of the Viet Nam War and more than deserves our help to Preserve the History of its outstanding service.

Information can be obtained by E-mailing me (click on my name below) or calling my home at: (815) 495-9444.

Bud Harton

Stories for Upcoming Book Requested

"God's Presence in Vietnam" will be the title of a book filled with inspiring and true stories from Vietnam Veterans. Do you have a wartime story of protection and healing you'd like to contribute? Your contribution would be welcomed and appreciated. Projected publication date is July 30th, 1999.

This book will be a compilation of veteran stories, told in their own words. To submit your story or for more information, please contact Rosemary Thornton at:


Marine 2/3/3

Please help us find our Marines from 2/3/3. If you know of a Marine who was with or attached to 2/3/3, please let him know that we are looking for him.

If you want to be an associate of 2/3/3, all you have to do is add your name to the database. Contact us at the Site below. Thanks for all your help, and many of you did help. And, please, stay in touch, as many of you do.

View the Web Site at:

TET '98 Reunion In Country

(Editor's NOTE: Even though the '98 TET Reunion has passed, this notice is left for our viewers so that they will know of this annual event and be able to contact Mike about future Reunions in country.)

My name is Mike Byrne. I returned to Vietnam just over a year ago to work with local tour agencys and Veteran Groups wanting to hold a reunion in country. I have put the framework in place to hold a "TET '98 In-Country Reunion," the first of what I hope will become an annual event.

Twenty-five percent of the proceeds will go to help the victims of the Vietnam War, of abandoned land mines as well as other unspent munitions, and those who suffer from the effects of the defoliants.

For further information, please contact me at:


Iron Wing's Children

"Teachings of the Children," a story

Subject: Children Honor Vets

A story explaining the meaning of remembering our Warriors comes from Iron Wing's Children, "Teachings of the Children," in a serial called, "The Veteran's Sacrifice, How is the Warrior's Love and Honor Treated?" and can be found at:


***** In the Cultures of Old, it was a tradition for the children to sing songs and tell tales of the Bravery of the Warriors who had fought to protect them. This insured that no one in the tribe forgot the sacrifices the Warriors made for the people.

We believe that the Veteran of the United States should be remembered. It is time to teach the children about the sacrifices of the Veteran. As citizens, the freedoms we have today are made possible by the generous giving of lives, hearts, and minds by our relatives for the security and happiness we enjoy. *****

Thank you,

Matthew Richter
1131 Iron Horse Rd.
McPherson, KS

Contact email address: Matthew Richter

National Vietnam Veteran Arts Museum Opening

The National Vietnam Veteran Art Museum opened in Chicago (1801 S. Indiana) during the first week of September (1996). This museum is a project of the Vietnam Veteran's Arts Group (VVAG), a nonprofit nonpolitical organization dedicated to collecting and displaying works of fine art created by Americans who served in the armed forces in the Vietnam War.

This collection entitled "Reflexes and Reflections" includes more than 500 works from over 90 artists/veterans from around the world, and has been touring the United States to high critical acclaim since its beginnings in 1981.

This year, the City of Chicago provided a million dollar construction grant and a three-story building to the VVAG to provide a permanent home for this collection of art. We will conclude construction in late August and the site will include the fine art exhibit, educational programs, a library, a multimedia center, archival displays, a gift shop and cafe. It is the only facility of its kind in the nation.

We invite all those interested, to visit this important museum. Please feel free to forward this announcement to any relevant newsgroups, mailing lists, individuals, etc. The phone number for the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum is 312-326-0270, and the director there is Sondra Varco.

Please email me with any questions you may have.

Joe Keeley

VH1 is Producing a Documentary

Were you in Vietnam in 1968? Do you have home movies taken that year (or know of any which exist) that show you in country?

Then VH1 would like to hear from you.

VH1 is producing a documentary about the music and politics of 1968. The upheavals of that year inspired - and were inspired by - some of the most exciting, enduring, and influential music of our times.

"Behind the Music: 1968" will explore the fascinating stories behind songs like Country Joe & the Fish's "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag;" Jefferson Airplane's "Volunteers" and "Crown of Creation;" Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" and "All along the Watchtower;" the Beatles' "Revolution," "Hey Jude," and "Happiness is a Warm Gun;" the Rolling Stones' "Street Fightin' Man;" Dion's "Abraham, Martin & John" -- among others.

Does the music of 1968 bring back memories of your experiences in country? Are there songs you can't hear today without being reminded of certain events that year? Then we'd appreciate hearing from you.

If you have any questions, please call Julie McKelvey at VH1 at 310-752-8530 or email:


The Forgotten HERO of My Lai


Hugh Thompson, The Forgotten HERO of My Lai, honored with a Web Site and book --

LAFAYETTE, Lou. - March 26, 1998 - Acadian House Publishing of Lafayette, Louisiana, today announced a Web Site dedicated to "The Forgotten HERO of My Lai - Hugh Thompson."

The Site features stories and articles on Mr. Thompson, who saved innocent Vietnamese civilians in the now-infamous My Lai Massacre in March of 1968.

Acadian House Publishing has also announced an upcoming book entitled "The Forgotten HERO of My Lai--The Hugh Thompson Story," which can be pre-ordered online.

Web Site:

Acadian House Publishing
Phone: 1-800-850-8851

EDitor's NOTE: This book is now published and available.

Universal Custom Records

I am from Universal Custom Records, and we are putting together a collection of music from the Vietnam War years. We would like to include comments from Vietnam Veterans on what music meant to them. The comments may be included in a booklet or in liner notes with the CD.

Universal Custom Records would have the right to print comments that are sent to us via the Internet without further permission.

You can contact me by E-mail at:

Or by phone at: 212-841-8080.

Thank you,
Pam Cioffi

Adelaide Veteran Association,
South Australia

Our Veteran Association in Australia (Adelaide) is currently collecting memorabilia from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, especially telephones and communication equipment. We plan to display them to Children of Veterans from all conflicts but especially to Vietnam and Korean Vets.

If you would like to contribute, we would be happy to hear from you. We also collect medals, medal ribbons, badges, corps flashes and badges, insignia (rank), etc. All militaria.

There is a possibility we could work out a swap deal and send some Australian things. Australia is approaching Republic Status; and some of our cap badges, rank insignia, corps badges will undoubtedly change. The old ones might be of nostalgic value to those Vets who might remember the Australian badges in Vietnam, etc.

George Craig
Vietnam Veteran
Adelaide, South Australia

You can E-mail George at:

ABC-TV Documentary Series on Nam

I'm Mike Hudak, editor of "The Flightline" newsletter and "1st Marine Aircraft Wing--Vietnam Service" Web site at:

and member VMA-211, Chu Lai 1966-67, asking if you can help ABC-TV in their production of a documentary series on Nam.

Specifically, they want to interview pilots and air crews involved with the siege of Khe Sanh. They need this help ASAP. Contact Allison Lynn, ABC News Production in New York--phone: (212) 456-3536.

Please pass this notice on to anyone or any organization that you feel can help. Thanks.

Mike Hudak

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