Bob Donoghue's Photo Album

This gallery contains pictures Bob took during his recent humaitarian aid trips to Khe Sanh, together with some pictures taken during the war years. For more information, or to contribute money or supplies, please contact Bob Donoghue using this automatic email form.
All of these pictures can be viewed at higher resolution by clicking on the smaller image. The quality of these pictures is outstanding, so please take the time to view some of them at full resolution. The pictures are in JPEG format, and some are quite large.

Bru Girl

Bru father with his girls

Girl picking beans

Bru women's tribal house

Vietnamese looking for scrap metal with a metal detector. Dud ordnance is still a major problem in this area.

Bru man and his pet monkey

A sick Bru baby. Your funds help by medical supplies and help to cure these children

Two Bru sisters

Three Bru girls

This is a well we built using donations we collected. It is known as "Bob's Well"

Bru boys

A Bru boy. This is one of my favorite pictures

1994 Visit. Bob Donoghue and his interpreter, Tu

The fund raising poster

Khe Sanh Hills 950 and 1015. The "Hickory" radio relay site was located on 950.

Hill 950 close up. Hill 950 was the site of the "Hickory" radio relay site.

This is a picture of me getting ready to go into the bush in 1968. I am carrying a Swedish-K submachine gun

A4 jet making bombing runs with 750 lb. bombs during the seige of Khe Sanh, 1968

A1E bomber making a napalm drop on NVA trenches 100 meters outside the lines of Khe Sanh

Khe Sanh combat base looking down from the surrounding hills. 1968

Patrolling with the Bru.

Trenchworks at the Khe Sanh Combat base during the seige

The same trench in 1994, overgrown with trees

Bob Donoghue and Nui prior to going out to man a listening post in 1968

A picture taken in 1968 of our Bru Hatchet Force.