Books on the PX BOOKSHELF represent items that have been sent to us by the authors, publishers or their friends. The intention of the PX-Bookshelf is to provide a listing for books written after about 1993. For books written earlier than that, you may find various listings on recommended reading lists found in our "Resources" Section. If you have written or published a book concerning the Vietnam War and/or its aftermath or know of such material and have direct contact with the copyright owner and would like to see it placed here, please email John Rossie for consideration. There is no charge for listing of books on the BOOKSHELF.

The BOOKSHELF can be accessed by clicking on the three sections below which are listed alphabetically by BOOK TITLE. Information about each book is displayed separately within its section.

Many of these books can be purchased in conventional bookstores as well as on-line, and many are available through discount warehouses such as www.allbookstores.com/ and others. We suggest you shop around for the best pricing.

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