VO-67 Member List

Revised 09-21-2003 by DGSH

I am trying to locate members of Observation Squadron SIXTY SEVEN (VO-67). We were a very secret operation flying out of Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, working the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

We are putting together our next Reunion. When we get the location and dates tied down, the information will appear here and in our linked notice in the VVHP "Marquee."


Observation Squadron SIXTY SEVEN (VO-67) is now setting up its 2005 Reunion in San Diego, California.

Any personnel having anything to do with VO-67, Military or Civilian, are welcome. For more information about the Reunion or for any questions or other feedback, please see the contact sources just below.

Also, see the link below to their new (2003) Web Site.

Here is the list of people that we are attempting to find. If you know anyone on this list or have any information regarding their whereabouts, please write, phone or E-mail:

CDR. A.G. (Alex) Alexander, Jr. USN. (Ret)
501 Geddes Avenue
Whitefish, MT 59937

Phone: (406) 862-5161
E-mail: vo67usn@centurylink.net

I would appreciate any ideas and sources that would aid me in my search. We have our squadron included in the Web Site:



EDitor's Note: As CDR. Alexander notifies us that a member(s) has been found, we will update this file with the date of his email (month and year) for that member(s) unless an exact date is given in his comms. In the case of deceased members, they will be marked with the date they died, if known, otherwise just "Deceased."

Aldrich Edward V DK2, Found March 2001 Alves Richard A AX3, Ayles John R AA, Deceased Bailey Richard L ADR2, Found June 2002 Bates Ray W AO2, Deceased Beam Michael C AO3, Berg Darrell W AO2, Found May 2001 Braley Raymond A AX1, Brasfield Charles W ADR1, Found March 2000 Bryant Jr Samuel HM2, Deceased Burbank Charles A. ADJ2, Deceased 8/28/74 Busse Jerome A AX2, Calkins Michael G AMS3, Found April 2000 Campbell Richard C LT, Found 2/26/2000 Casella Thomas A AN, Caskey Carlton R AE2, Deceased 5/23/88 Chase Dale D AK2, Found August 2000 Collins Stephan D LTJG, Deceased Condon Jr Robert G AO2, Found February 2001 Conrad William J ATN3, Found 2/26/2000 Cook Willard R AE2, Copeland James C ATR3, Deceased Cortez Joseph L AO3 Crawford James W AME2, Cronenberger Paul O LTJG, Found July 2000 Crowther David R ADJ3, Found December 2000 Daves Aubry ADJ2, Davis Raymond E. ATN3, Decuir Hermit J AK3, Demoney Herbert R ADR1, Found 2/26/2000 Denton James T AX3, Dickerson David D AE2, Found June 2001 Dixon Bill D ADR2, Durbin Joe C AX1, Deceased Eberhardt Thomas L AE2, Found March 2000 Eddleman Thomas B AK1, Ehrlich Douglas M AEAA, Found June 2002 Eller Leland A AN, Deceased 3/17/87 Ewing Eddie E PHAN, Deceased 11/13/95 Exley John R ADR3 Farris Jerry D AT1, Deceased Fentress Carroll E AO2, Deceased Forrester James T PH2, Franklin Dale B AO2, Franks Bernard C AMS3, Glenn Rudy AN, Deceased Goff Ronald L AN, Green George K.I. AFCM, Found August 2000 Green Robert H PH2, Found September 2000 Green Ronald N AT1, Found June 2002 Gustin James H AZAN, Found July 2000 Hadley Robert E. ATN2, Found July 2000 Hamaker Chris AE1, Deceased Hardy Stephen H?F AT1, Haskins William R ADJC, Found March 2001 Hernandez Raymond ADJAN, High Steve ADR1, Found June 2000 Highsmith James V AE2, Hill Donald A PT2, Hopkins William P AXAN, Jackson Rodney U ADJ3, Jones James C ATN3, Found August 2001 Jo Robert AA, Deceased 5/13/76 Judy Donald W ADJ3, Deceased 8/23/80 Kauls Peter AO2, Found March 2000 Kirby Robert R AMS3, Found March 2000 Lamb Bobby R AO3, Lambert Jerry L AE2, Found November 2000 Lehman Dale R AZ2, Found June 2002 Loosmore Tom G AA, Found March 2000 Lopez-Vega Saul AK1, Probably Deceased (found information but no family confirmation) Maham Malcolm ATN2 Marlowe Philip ADJAN, Found November 2000 McCarty Michael K ADJ3, Deceased 5/23/96 Mier Roderick G PT2, Found November 2000 Miller Robert M AN, Miller William G ADR2, Found March 2001 Moorman Thomas H AE2, Deceased Nelson Charles E AMH2, Nelson George R ADR1, Nielson Vance A ADJAN, Nolasco Jose A ADR1, Found June 2002 Ober Richard W ADR2 Painton Kermit C AO3, Deceased 7/06/70 Patton John C AT1, Pauls Peter D AE2, Perez-Fontanez Francisco HM1, Presson Johnny L AE2, Found March 2000 Prior Melville E AZC, Found June 2002 Reid Mac A AMS2, Rigelman Robert W CYN3, Deceased Roach John D AE1, Found March 2000 Roberts Ralph L AE2, Robinson Theodore E ADR1, Roth Steven L AN Schmitz Richard T AMH2, Shafer Donald J AMS2, Simpson Bobby G AMHAN, Smith George F SN, Found March 2002 Smith Michael P ATRAN, Found July 2002 Smith William H ADR3, Found 2/25/2000 Squier Robert G AO1, Found June 2002 Steele Raymond A?E ABH2, Stidham James E AX1, Found May 2000 Teodorczyk Joseph F AX2, Found January 2001 Tobias Robert K AMS1, Deceased 1997 Tyrone Walter D AN, Vine Thomas A AT2, Deceased Vogglesong George E AN, Found October 2001 Wagner Michael J ATN2, Found January 2001 Walker Michael A AE1, Found July 2000 Welker Jerry L ATR2, Found June 2002 Wing George C.C. ADR3, Found October 2001 Winkowski Leonard J ATC, Deceased Wood Adrian V AZ2. Deceased

Reunion History of the VO-67 --

First -- July 3-5, 1999, at the Tropicana Hotel; Las Vegas, Nevada.
Second -- March 23-25, 2001, at the Flamingo Hilton; Reno, Nevada.
Third -- 2003; Pensacola, Florida.
Fourth -- 2005; San Diego, California

ED's Note: The VO-67 now have their own Web Site with Reunion information and more at:


If you will scroll down in the left side of their new Web Site, the Link for the 2003 Reunion will give you information about this Event. There is also a very good Link regarding the "Memorial Dedication" for their KIAs.

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